The Selling Process

Thanks to us, it doesn’t have to be stressful.

We have designed a strategic approach based on years of feedback and evolution of the market. Our process ensures your time and energy is best spent in an advantageous and effective way, and we take it from there. You will know what to expect and what is happening every step of the way.

The Journey

Our service starts from the early planning stages and extends well beyond your move in date

1. Consultation

Help us to thoroughly understand your needs, then enter into an agency relationship: • Complete CREA Identification Forms • Understand and Sign Disclosure Documents • Enter into a Listing

2. The Search

We will align you with the resources to ensure that you only spend your time and energy on the things that will generate a return, and nothing else.

3. Listing Live & Marketing

Our process is designed to build urgency, and create momentum around the launch of your property. We will discuss how this works in person.

4. Showings

We will communicate a showing plan that is convenient and simple. We believe in showing our client’s properties in person wherever possible so we can educate inbound traffic of the lifestyle and amenities that your neighbourhood offers.

5. Presentation of Offers

We encourage in person offer presentation so we can ensure our clients are informed of their options and make the right decisions to achieve the best results.

6. Offer Acceptance

We will communicate step by step time lines based on the conditions of your offer and liaise between both parties to ensure things go smoothly.

7. Subjects Removed

You are now SOLD! We have designed a guide specifically to ensure all the key steps are at your fingertips when planning the logistics of a move.

8. Completion & Possession

This is the official date that you receive the funds from the sale of your home. We will deliver your keys to the cooperating agent.

9. After Care

Take advantage of our expansive pool of resources once you move into your new home. We keep you informed on market activity around you for years to come.

Success relies on these major factors:

  1. The listing price
  2. Our strategic listing plan
  3. Identifying the differentiators
  4. Timing

The things you can control is the preparation of your home for the market and the listing price.
Let us design and implement an effective rollout and marketing plan.
Take advantage of our resources to streamline the preparation stage to be as simple and effective as possible.

Finding the perfect listing price.

Seller’s Market

Inventory is low. Properly priced homes generally sell within the first month of listing. If you have not received an offer within this time period, it is priced too high.

Normal Market

Inventory is meeting demand. There is no perceived advantage to either buyers or the sellers. Properly priced homes should sell within 1-2 months.

Buyer’s Market

There are plenty of homes for sale in every price range and area. Homes priced just below other, similar homes will usually sell within 2-3 months.

Buying a property is an investment into your future, so it’si mportant to consider how a property meets your lifestyle needs today as well as in the evolving years to come. We ensure our clients won’t feel restricted on doing the things you love because of a mortgage payment. The first step is to align with an experienced mortgage specialist to determine the price point that will compliment your needs. A broker will have the ability to provide advice and get your “ducks in a row” up front, so you are prepared to offer when you find the perfect place.

We will work together to choose a list price taking into consideration

  1. What is the overall big picture of your timing and exposure
  2. Existing market conditions and trends
  3. Recent and relevant activity
  1. Statistics around list price vs sale price relative to days on market in your area
  2. The key differentiators
  3. The demographic your home appeals to