The Buying Process

Thanks to us, it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Engage us right from the start, before you get out looking. We will walk you through the steps in the best order so you there are no surprises and things run smoothly all the way. We can spend as much or little time as you need to make Informed and rewarding decisions.

The Approach

A general overview of the major steps.


Align with a realtor.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to engage us until you’ve found the perfect home. The sooner we team up, you will be exposed to more opportunities and navigate the process without unexpected stress.


Know your price range.

Get pre-qualified with a mortgage professional so you are prepared before getting out to look


Be prepared.

Discuss your must have’s and nice to have’s with us, so we can best get to work on the hunt and manage your expectations on how your needs and price point jive with the current market conditions


The Search.

We will expose you to new opportunities, often before they are public, or as soon as they arise. We have the capacity to get you into properties efficiently and conveniently.


The offer.

We will position you to come out on top with creative in-person presentations, positive and skilled negotiations, and airtight contract preparation.

The Journey

Our service starts from the early planning stages and extends well beyond your move in date

1. Consultation

We will give you some key insight on the general process and whats happening in the market. We will complete the required agency documents

2. The Search

We will share new opportunities within hours of release, and work proactively with our network to identify listings that may not be on the market yet

3. Find Your Dream Home

So you’ve found your Dream Home! What next? We will assist you with deciding on key elements of your offer: Price, Deposit Amount, Dates and Subject Clauses/ Conditions.

4. The Offer

We will prepare your written Contract of Purchase and Sale, and then present and negotiate your offer to purchase. We always attempt to present your offer directly with the seller so we can best negotiate for you and share the human element.

5. Due Diligence

  • Inspection
  • Title Search
  • Property Disclosure
  • Environmental
  • Home/Fire Insurance
  • Review Strata Documents

6. Remove Subjects

This is when Its official – SOLD! We will provide you all the key details on what to do from here including appointing a conveyancer, providing docs to your mortgage specialist, booking move-ins, address changes and more.

7. Completion & Possession

Funds transfer to the Seller and the title changes over into your name. Time to receive the keys and make your move!

8. After Care

Take advantage of our expansive pool of resources once you move into your new home. We keep you informed on market activity around you for years to come

Determining an accurate Price Range

Buying a property is an investment into your future, so it’si mportant to consider how a property meets your lifestyle needs today as well as in the evolving years to come. We ensure our clients won’t feel restricted on doing the things you love because of a mortgage payment. The first step is to align with an experienced mortgage specialist to determine the price point that will compliment your needs. A broker will have the ability to provide advice and get your “ducks in a row” up front, so you are prepared to offer when you find the perfect place.

Cost to Consider

The Closing Costs

It’s easy to count your available cash, but remember that all of these cash savings cannot be used as your downpayment. There are last-minute costs, such as taxes, legal fees, moving expenses, and home insurance to pay before you are finally in your new home. The time to budget for those “end” expenses is now. You must be prepared to pay most, and perhaps all of the following closing costs.

Property Transfer Tax

The British Columbia Provincial Government imposes a property transfer tax, which must be paid before any home can be legally transferred to a new owner. Some buyers may exempt from this tax. For further information, please view the Property Transfer Tax office website.

Goods & Services Tax

If you purchase a newly constructed home, you may be subject to GST on the purchase price. There may be some rebates available depending on the value of the home. For further information, contact the Canada Revenue Agency.

Property Tax

If the current owners have already paid the full year’s property taxes to the municipality, you will have to reimburse them for your share of the year’s taxes. Legal Fees – The transfer of home ownership from the seller to buyer must be recorded in the Land Title and Survey Authority Office in order to protect the new owner’s interests. You will probably want to engage a lawyer or notary public to act on your behalf during the completion of your purchase. The lawyer or notary public will charge a fee for this service, plus disbursements, including the Land Title Registration fee. If you are financing your purchase with a new mortgage loan, there will be a further fee and disbursements to prepare and register the mortgage documents.


Other last-minute cost you shouldn’t forget to set some money aside for:

  • Home inspection fees
  • Moving expenses
  • Deposits required by utility companies
  • Household goods: Kitchen appliances, garden equipment, garbage cans, tools, window coverings, etc.
  • Redecorating or renovations